Keo Karpin Hair Oil 300 ml


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Keo Karpin Hair Oil

Keo Karpin Hair Oil provides you a dependable way to take care of your hair. It gives you shiny and easy to manage hair. The Keo Karpin Hair Oil ensures that you get beautiful hair that adds to your personality. Keo Karpin Oil is enriched with the natural extracts of Olive oil and Vitamin E. It keeps hair soft and silky and pleasantly perfumed.

Keo Karpin Hair Oil is one of the oldest hair oil products. Every women wants thick and long black hair. Keo Karpin Hair Oil fulfills that dream of having think, long and healthy hair. It is manufactured by combining a number of oils found in the environment. Promoted as a natural product, Keo Karpin Hair Oil is helpful for maintaining healthy hair and helps to repair damaged hair. This oil stimulate the root of your hair to help to promote growth and keeps them healthy. Vitamin E present in Keo Karpin Hair Oil works as an antioxidant agent, which protects your hair from the harmful particles in the environment.

The growth elements present in this Hair Oil is designed in such a way to provide moisture and nourishment to your hair. Keo Karpin Hair Oil keeps your hair, shiny, soft, silky and pleasantly perfumed. Keo Karpin Hair Oil has a light weight formula that prevents your hair from weighing down, and leaves your hair a non-greasy effect. Keo Karpin Hair Oil can also be used for deep conditioning, while in a hot oil treatment by heating the oil and applying it to the root of the hair. Get a bottle of Keo Karpin Hair Oil, and get the soft, shiny, smooth and silky long hair.

Well-known hair oil made of mineral oil, arachis oil, perfumes, olive oil and wheat germ oil. Provides strong roots and healthy hair. Keeps hair soft and silky and pleasantly perfumed.

  • Wheatgerm Oil
  • Natural Vitamin -E
  • Olive Oil

Directions to Use:

  • Apply Oil directly to your Hair from roots to the tip.
  • Massage gently in circular motion  into hair and scalp (do not rub).
  • Keep it overnight for best results and then wash your Hair the next day.

Manufactured By: Dey’s Medical stores Pvt Ltd.

Country Of Origin: Product of India

Ingredients: Mineral Oil (65% V/V), Perfumes, Olive Oil, Wheat-Germ Oil, Antioxidant-2TBHQ Preservatives, Coumarin & Permitted Colours Q.S.

Product Weight: 0.66 Lbs (300 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Bottle